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Well, this is my new shiny personal site that I am quite proud of. There is much to do, as there always is, but this is my ‘freelance’ personality which I am quickly developing alongside my ‘normal working ‘ personality which still takes up most of my time.

So the big news is that I was reduced in hours due to a partial redundancy, I will spare the details, but back in May myself and my colleagues had an unfortunate period where this came to pass. But opportunity is often disguised and I am putting myself out into the world to show off the skills that I do have.

The freelance world is a very different beast to the one that I have partially come from so it is an adventure for me, not a journey. Journeys are not always interesting, adventure sounds much more fun.

At 37 I didn’t think I would be facing a complete change in career but, as it is, I am. There are obstacles to face and cliffs to climb, but what would life be without a challenge or two?

I am still figuring things out. What I want to do when I grow up is still one of them.

I’m also really good at painting walls and taking selfies….

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