About Chris

IMG_2387Not many people I know have their own website anymore. Why would you? Most networking is done on LinkedIn or Twitter or in person.  Are personal websites a little old-school? Well yes. And no…

You could argue that. But I love the ‘getting to know you’ element.  All your wild antics in one place, all sins and achievements laid bare for everyone to read.  This is a little long and rambling – if you’re not interested, no worries, I won’t take offence; please head over to my LinkedIn page.

My professional life started off in 2003, graduating from Aberystwyth University with a degree in Information and Library Studies. It’s considered a Bachelor of Economic Science, written BSc Econ (hons). It’s funny because one employer thought that I had a Bachelors degree in Economics and had just forgotten the ‘omics’ part.

Things had moved on a bit by the time I got there!

I found myself comfortable at Exeter College and found the job, although not ‘professional’, incredibly rewarding.  I still do but times change, and so does life.  It saw me through four battles with cancer and a whole heap of dramatic life change.

Libraries are far from dead, but after a recent semi-redundancy which saw my valuable work as an Information and Digital Practitioner brought to a dramatic and sad conclusion, I am on the hunt for a new direction. A fresh career.

Writing seems to be the way forward.  So I have packed my bag and headed out west into the world of freelancing looking for new adventures.

A geographic native of Devon, my heritage is a Celtic mixed bag.  I am very proud of my county, writing about the food within its borders and making the decision to stay when I graduated, I have not looked back.

I live in Exeter, of which I am equally proud of.  I consider myself an Exonian and I would even go as far to say that I support ECFC if anyone says which football team do I support? Not that I like the game particularly.

I am a classically trained pianist and organist, I’ve also been a Tuba-ist.  I have been a performance poet, I am also a cancer survivor after a battle against malignant melanoma which left me with a buggered neck and wonky shoulder.  After a few pints, I’ll tell you in great gory detail about the operations.

Although my career as a pianist and organist died a death, I still have a great long love of classical music amongst other types including folk, metal, EDM and a few others to boot.

I drink gallons of tea. I also like whiskey. And I love cheese.