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For me, there are few pleasures in life that I would like to put in a bottle.  First is the warm savoury crunch of a freshly grilled cheese (Cornish Gouda) sandwich, second is the feeling you get when you can hear the rain pouring down outside and you are safe in the knowledge you don’t have to get out of bed and the third is writing something that changes someone’s life.

Inspiring a smile, eliciting a thought or helping them make a change for the better.

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Your content is now part of a driving marketing strategy that in a world dominated by social media and online content.  Social media, website, blog, video, all of them are incredibly relevant and critical to your businesses success.

I specialise in writing about food through my long-running food blog, Dining Devon; but have diversified into other areas.  I am a staunch supporter of talking about mental health, including the beneficial effects of mindfulness, meditation, and forest bathing being someone who doesn’t have the most well-behaved brain.

I am also a passionate supporter of everything green and eco-friendly which is reflected in my work with Proud to be Green. We are currently living in dire times, our climate is breaking down and we are very much on the precipice, staring into the abyss of ecological demise and the end of civilisation. Depressing isn’t it?

This website might look a little old-school but this was my favourite WordPress layout when I first started writing my blogs – actually it wasn’t around when I started my first ever blog in 2002 – but I still love its basic functionality and the fact that words appear where you want them to appear.

If you fancy a chat, or maybe a coffee (I prefer face to face meetings personally) then give me a shout using the contact form. My email is secret sauce until I know you won’t send me rubbish.

If you want to know more about me, I have a long rambling About section you can read through.